Coaching The Creative Soul


Evolving Beyond Ego


Partner with creative professionals and recent college graduates to find a fulfilling career, learn how to better navigate life’s big-decision moments, create a sustainable strategy and learn how to use the imaginal realm to co-create your life and live out your best future. 


Helping to transform your organization from the core by learning to use and control your energy, making it work for, not against you and inspire peak performance.


Offering leadership seminars, team building workshops and speaking engagements to help determine real, actionable change you can make within your organization to create better communication, collaboration, energetic buy-in, highly motivated teamwork, profitability, trust and vulnerability.


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  • If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.

    Thomas Jefferson


The very moment that you make the shift to finding your purpose, growing to your potential, and sharing your gift with others, successful is something you are right now, not something you hope one day to be.


The coaching relationship is a thoughtful companionship to empower clients by helping them discover a purpose to the events in their lives and how to express their True selves. This process isn’t done to analyze but to grow.


Clarification of your ultimate life vision. Translating that vision into effective strategies & goals. Implement an action plan with consistent focus. Removal of any blocks that inhibit success.

  • To overcome fear of change, Petra introduced tools to help my thought process become more productive and confident. The reward of our work together was the new found ability to look at the bigger picture!

    Marcia Wood - Marcia Wood Gallery
  • Petra’s professional techniques helped me rethink how I lead in my professional and personal life. Through thought provoking guidance, I gained the confidence to excel at what I do best.

    Marcellus Walden - Lockheed Martin | Mission Systems & Training
  • The new tools & insights gained working with Petra have helped me in two big ways. Projects flow more smoothly now and I’m much less stuck, stressed and frustrated. Her creative approach was refreshing!

    Edie Morton - Environmental Artist
  • Working with Ms. Russell was such a pleasure, for her insight and penetrating questions enabled me to gain a clear insight to improve my communicating skills. Kudos to all who are involved in this program.

    Jeff Cohen - President, BMV
  • Petra’s background of different cultures and business environments motivated me to work with her. She helped tremendously in challenging the status quo as well as setting and focusing on new goals.

    Hans Meier - CEO Koch Machinery
  •  Petra zeigt auf frische und klare Art festgefahrene Denkmuster auf und schafft dadurch Raum und Inspiration für neue Ansätze. Ihre Expertise in kreativen Prozessen war eine große Hilfe!

    Kristina Heldmann, Illustratorin

About Petra

Petra has had both corporate and entrepreneurial careers, with more than two decades experience in fashion, costume and textile design, creating interior spaces, furniture and residential architecture. Petra developed a consulting firm in 2003, for companies seeking expert advise in international sales, marketing and branding. Her niche are design oriented firms with products for the interior, including floor- and wall finishes, kitchen-and bathroom cabinetry, residential- and office furniture and lighting. Since 2010, she is LEED certified and has actively promoted products resulting from sustainable manufacturing methods. Petra has lived and worked in Germany, USA, Central America and Asia, collaborating closely with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Through these enriching relationships it became clear to her that whoever we are, most of us struggle with the same processes and require help in achieving transformational goals. It was realizing this universal need that inspired her to begin her coaching practice.

A passionate quantum thinker, Petra takes an ontological approach to coaching that encompasses the entire being of the client and involves looking at the deepest level of his/her identity, discovery of meaning in their respective actions, belief in and alignment with something greater than ego or personality. Her work is a guidance-from-within approach that involves commitment to act skillfully in the present moment and making intentions for future actions.

She has been partnering with Individuals and organizations to create real breakthroughs in sales, leadership and corporate culture through Energy Leadership Development and Training.

In 2017, Petra partnered with Thirty Thousand Feet, a people performance and analytics consultancy, as Senior Consultant for culture development, leadership training and executive coaching.

Petra is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Accredited Certified Coach (ACC), Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) and Member ICF and IoC.


Let's begin the journey!